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Our integration on top media, publishers allows your brands to access highly qualitative traffic

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Promote your offers on our premium network

Our top publishers from media insdutry drive quality traffic to your sites.

Deeplink Integrations

We aggregate thousands of merchants. We know how to optimize your conversion.

CPA model

We buy highly qualitative trafic from global publisher like sovrn, yahoo!, Klarna and drive this intent traffic to your site.

Meet our partners

Top Merchants & Partners Trust our Technology

We operate in ALL geo's on top clients of the shopping industry.

Brand Feed Aggregator

We Believe that
Merchants needs to stay
concentrated on their offers

As brand feed specialists, we handle more than 200000 brands in our database. Keep on doing sales thanks to our search technology.

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Product Experts

We work on product
for 12 years and counting.

Our techno is aggregating top brands from all over the world. Our optimization technology brings the most of your offers.

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Sales ! Sales ! Sales !

What about having a flat
cost of sales ?

Your budget is fully controled and you can even boost your performance by increasing comissions when you need it.

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Features Specifications

Expertise at all level

Thanks to our strong expertise and context and intent driven approach, we are able to generate traffic through deep links for our retailers, offering incremental, qualitative clicks in all countries across the world.

Context & Intent Driven Technology

We Believe that
contextual shopping is a key.

Retargeting and datas based ads are on decline with RGPD. Our publishers create great content so our depp link tehcno stick to it !

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CPA model

Full Performance requires
Tough Technology

You can pay for sales on several pricing models following you need.

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